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The Auxiliary Pharmacy Technician is the professional who performs, under the control and supervision of the Technical Director of the pharmacy, auxiliary functions in the pharmaceutical area, in accordance with the applicable regulations and standards of safety and health at work and quality.

3 training models: online, semi presential and face to face.
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210h. internship


We provide you with everything you need to succeed: 1st Step – Admission to the Academy – A Quality Training and adjusted to the current market; 2nd Step – Certificate Issuance and Curriculum Creation 3rd Step – Professional framework – We support the application and interview process – internship or job through our network of partners. (350 partners)

job opportunities

  • Public and Private Hospitals
  • Pharmacies
  • Parapharmacies
  • Dietetics Centers

Program Contents

Module I – Framework of the Pharmaceutical Sector Module II – The Medicine Module III – Pharmacovigilance Module IV – Immune system – immunity and body defenses Module V – Basics of the nervous system Module VI – Basics of the respiratory system Module VII – Basics of the gastrointestinal system Module VIII – Basics of the cardiovascular system Module IX – Basics of the reproductive system Module X – Skin Basics Module XI – Understanding the main metabolic changes Module XII – Basics of antibiotic therapy and pharmacy counseling Module XIII – Conference and storage of medicines and health products Module XIV – Inventory control procedures Module XV – Management of the ordering process for medicines and health products Module XVI – Management of the return process of medicines and health products Module XVII – Pharmacy stock managements Module XVIII – Prescription Checking Procedures Module XIX – Environment, Safety, Hygiene and Health at Work – basic concepts Module XX – Good health and safety practices in the pharmacy (…)