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Train people to perform the specific function of hotel receptionist for the purpose of their immediate integration into the job market.

After the training is completed, trainees can be professionally qualified in one of our partners – Hotels, Local Accommodation, Hostels.

Our course guarantees skills for:

  • Ensure the reception service of the hotel unit – Hotels and other hotel or tourist developments;
  • Provide customer service and support before, during and at the end of the stay;
  • Develop all technical / administrative procedures inherent to the reservation, check in and check out as systems
    front-office and back-office;
  • Provide the necessary information and promote the services of the hotel unit;
3 training models: online, semi presential and face to face.
You can settle the course fee without resorting to credit. We have the solution that fits your financial availability.
Support Service for entering the job market. We have more than 350 partners in Portugal.
320h internship (optional)


We provide you with everything you need to succeed: 1st Step – Admission to the Academy – A Quality Training and adjusted to the current market; 2nd Step – Certificate Issuance and Curriculum Creation 3rd Step – After the training is completed, the trainees can be placed professionally in one of our partners – Hotels, Local Accommodation, Hostels.

job opportunities

  • Hotels
  • Boutique Hotels
  • Rural Tourism
  • Local Accommodation

Program Contents

Module I – General Framework Module II – Organizational and Functional Structure of the Floors Module III – Equipment, Facilities and Materials Module IV – Cleaning Processes and Methods Module V – Customer service and assistance Module VI – Housekeeping Support Sections Module VII – Management Processes in the Housekeeping Department Module VIII – Purchasing, Stock Management and Inventory in the Floor Service Module IX – Organization and Operation of Laundry/Clothing Services