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The Physiotherapy and Massage Assistant Course responds to a growing demand in the areas of health and wellness. This training covers a professional market that is still in deficit, and the assistant physiotherapy and massage technician can perform their duties in the various areas of rehabilitation: Traumatic, Maintenance and Health Care, Sports Medicine, Leisure and Tourism, Occupational Medicine and in Assistance and Elderly Recovery.

During this course, the trainee acquires the necessary skills to practice therapeutic, sports and relaxation massage in areas such as health, well-being and sport. The physiotherapy assistant technician works together with the physiotherapist in the most different areas with procedures, techniques, methodologies and specific approaches that aim to evaluate, treat, minimize problems, prevent and cure the most varied dysfunctions.

3 training models: online, semi presential and face to face.
You can settle the course fee without resorting to credit. We have the solution that fits your financial availability.
Support Service for entering the job market. We have more than 350 partners in Portugal.
320h internship (optional)


We provide you with everything you need to succeed: 1st Step – Admission to the Academy – A Quality Training and adjusted to the current market; 2nd Step – Certificate Issuance and Curriculum Creation 3rd Step – Professional framework – We support the application and interview process – internship or job through our network of partners. (350 partners)

job opportunities

  • Senior Citizens’ Homes
  • Geriatric Residences
  • gyms
  • Aesthetics Centers
  • Clinics
  • Therapy Centers
  • Private Residences
  • Home Support Services

Program Contents

Module I – Framework of the Profession Module II – Anatomyphysiology Module III – Pathophysiology Module IV – Infection Prevention and Control Module V – Important Care in Daily Life Module VI – Physical Rehabilitation Medicine Module VII – Indications and Contraindications Module VIII – Massage Module IX – First Aid – BLS