online training benefits

An online training requires as much work as in a face-to-face format, but with the advantage of being able to organize it according to your own criteria. However, the online format – just like a remote workplace – offers greater flexibility. It is important that deadlines are met and that there is contact with teachers and colleagues, but the place where you do all this is no longer relevant. Adjusting to an online training model can be a challenge at first, but once adapted to the format, there are numerous benefits.

1. Greater flexibility and individualized learning

Few people are able to take time off work to commit to full-time training. The scope of online training makes it possible to balance the opportunity to learn while working and growing professionally. When you decide to carry out an online training, you define your schedule. You no longer need to leave work early or miss your family dinner to go to the training site. You can choose the time that is most convenient for you, so as not to interfere with your appointments. In this way, you are allowed to better balance your training, your work and your life. With the training taking place online, it is also possible, in case of doubt, to review the subject that you have the most doubts about or repeat any part that you have not understood. You can learn at your own pace, making the most of the training.

2. Better time management

Juggling work, family and studying is not easy. With training taking place online, students have the flexibility to create their own schedule, with each student proactively reaching out to faculty, completing assignments on time, and planning ahead. Virtual classes allow students to maintain a regular schedule of deadlines, forcing time management and productivity week after week. An online training certificate on your resume gives prospective employers a good picture of your time management and task planning skills, being an asset to your career path!

3. Responsible for your own motivation

By participating in online training, you demonstrate that you know how to manage your time and stay motivated, which are among the ten soft skills most sought after by employers in interviews. By completing an online course, you can prove that you are capable of carrying out various tasks, setting priorities and adapting to changes in working conditions. Teachers and trainers expect you to be independent, learn on your own and engage with the material being taught. All these skills also carry over to the job market and are tools that will lead you to success.

4. Better communication and virtual collaboration

Learning to work with others in a virtual environment can make you a more effective leader. You will be able to develop critical leadership skills using specialized knowledge, creating efficient processes and making decisions about best communication practices, such as what should be discussed in person or via message. In online training programs you have the possibility to participate in discussion forums with your colleagues and teachers where you will learn to share your ideas and present good arguments that defend them, succinctly and professionally, both verbally and through text. Learning to communicate your ideas clearly, getting answers and projecting a professional image are necessary skills in a workplace too.

5. A Broader Global Perspective

Students in online programs can come from many different countries. At EFuturo we have students mainly from Portugal, Spain, Italy and Brazil. In this way, you will have a wider range of perspectives that will help you improve your intercultural understanding, giving you the opportunity to interact with people from all over the world. In order to innovate and evolve it is important to be outside your comfort zone, to hear how other countries adopt certain technologies and approach specific industries, inspiring new ideas and improving the existing concept. Being exposed to new ideas from professionals from other countries can stimulate your own creativity.

6. Development of critical thinking

An online course facilitates the ability to think critically about what you do on a daily basis. The aim in the classroom is to challenge you to think differently and mastering this skill is what sets you apart as a student and in the future in the job market. Critical thinking plays a key role in any type of education, being maximized in an online format.

7. New technical capabilities

Along with your certificate also comes strong technical skills. During the course of the training, you will certainly come across several technical obstacles and you will be in contact with various digital platforms, familiarizing yourself with new tools and software and learning to solve various problems. With more and more companies having virtual teams, it’s important to learn to collaborate remotely. Did you feel like starting your online training and changing the direction of your life?


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