Tourism in 2022

After two years of a pandemic, tourism is finally getting back on its feet. Contrary to many competing markets, national tourism has really risen and already has results close to those of 2019.
With the pandemic slowly coming to an end, people have returned to travel hungry to avenge the confinements, resulting in more bookings, longer stays and a higher average spend per tourist. It is no surprise that Portugal is one of the first countries to recover tourists as it was at the top of world preferences when COVID-19 arrived. According to Smartvel, there are some trends that will help guide the sector towards a healthier and more sustainable future.

1. Technology plays an essential role in travel

It cannot be underestimated that the role of technology in travel and travel booking will continue to grow during 2022. From digital vaccine passports to real-time travel notifications, technology solutions will play a key role in keeping the public informed and providing guidance in every decision.

2. Personalization and guidance more crucial than ever

Now, more than ever, tourists are looking for expert guidance for every aspect of their trip. While in previous years travel planning has already taken place via the internet, now there is much more to consider. For example, how have vaccine distributions progressed in this destination? Are there any restrictions for restaurants or theaters? For many tourists, creating daily itineraries is now a much more complex and overwhelming process. For a travel company, this can mean rethinking marketing and strategy, integrating destination content into an app, social media and websites, and providing trusted information to keep travelers and companions safe. Companies are no longer a simple connection from point A to point B, but a source of wisdom and support along the way.

3. Preferred plans and experiences in 2022

As tourists consider traveling in 2022, enriching experiences are the priority. Many tourists are looking to reconnect with family and friends or a vacation in the great outdoors in search of rest and socially distanced explorations. When choosing accommodations, cleanliness and safety became essential factors, in addition to being necessary. A recent survey by the European Travel Commission reveals that more than half of respondents considering traveling in the next year prefer to stay in independent hotels or resorts rather than short-term local and other accommodations.

4. Sustainability is considered a key element

Sustainability especially in the airline industry is, and will be, an ongoing trend in travel. Tourism trends around low-carbon travel will continue to evolve as tourists become aware of organizations’ environmental initiatives. International tourists are becoming more aware of the climate crisis, increasing concern about reducing their footprint and enjoying their holidays responsibly.

5. Measures focused on safety and health must be clearly communicated

In addition to prioritizing health and well-being, tourists will prefer companies and companies that share these convictions. Tourists feel safer when health-focused measures are in place in restaurants, supermarkets and tourist destinations.

6. Viagem ‘de volta aos negócios’

Este será um dos últimos setores a recuperar em escala internacional. O retorno às viagens de negócios dependerá de muitos fatores, incluindo níveis de vacinação, abertura de fronteiras e estruturas orçamentais reformuladas. Como muitas organizações descobriram a eficiência no trabalho remoto, viagens corporativas extensas podem não ser uma prioridade tão alta como eram nos anos pré-pandemia. Portanto, podemos esperar mais formações e webinars online, conferências virtuais ou híbridas e ênfase em viagens regionais. Após quase dois anos de incerteza, ainda não podemos ter 100% de certeza sobre como será o futuro das viagens, mas pelo menos podemos ver mais luz no horizonte. Requisitos de viagem, protocolos de saúde e limpeza, medidas de segurança e sustentabilidade continuarão a ser tópicos essenciais e fulcrais em 2022. Os turistas voltarão a sonhar com viagens de longa distância e férias paradisíacas, mas ainda haverá foco em planos ao ar livre e destinos com distanciamento social.

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