Train people to perform the specific role of hotel receptionist with the aim of their immediate integration into the job market.


Our course guarantees skills for: Prepare the table service according to the characteristics of the service to be performed. Proceed to the reception and service of customers. Run the different table services. Perform table and bar service in special situations. Comply with safety and personal hygiene rules. Knowing how to identify the materials and equipment of the restaurant and bar. Know the delicacies. Know the drinks. Have knowledge of compositions or mixed drinks.


The Clinical Secretariat course aims to train professionals to plan, execute and manage secretarial activities in health institutions of different types and areas of intervention.

We will be happy!

The last two years have been difficult for many of us. Disruption, uncertainty and worry have been common. But a positive mindset can help us find hope, meaning and greater happiness in our work. Discover some tips to quickly focus on the good things of everyday life and regain the will to work.

Tourism in 2022

After two years of a pandemic, tourism is finally getting back on its feet. Contrary to many competing markets, national tourism has really risen and already has results close to those of 2019.

online training benefits

An online training requires as much work as in a face-to-face format, but with the advantage of being able to organize it according to your own criteria. However, the online format – just like a remote workplace – offers greater flexibility. It is important that deadlines are met and that there is contact with teachers and colleagues, but the place where you do all this is no longer relevant.

Adjusting to an online training model can be a challenge at first, but once adapted to the format, there are numerous benefits.


The geriatric assistant is a professional endowed with the technical knowledge that allows him to know in depth and intervene on the problems associated with aging.


The Auxiliary Pharmacy Technician is the professional who performs, under the control and supervision of the Technical Director of the pharmacy, auxiliary functions in the pharmaceutical area, in accordance with the applicable regulations and standards of safety and health at work and quality.


The Professional Makeup Course prepares trainees to perform creative work, based on specific techniques and according to the latest trends, making them highly qualified for the performance of the profession.