Business Training

Companies prefer to hire experienced personnel with skills and knowledge appropriate to each function.

It is notoriously difficult to find suitable personnel for your sector, both in operational and management positions that require good communication, organization and leadership skills.

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This reality highlights the importance for employers in this sector to develop a continuous training strategy for new hires and current employees.


The training actions allow attracting the best employees to join the unit and can also help to reduce turnover.

However, these training actions pose new challenges for companies.

The need to hire staff is seasonal, this is one of the reasons why it is so difficult to find good employees.

Many workers in this sector do not react positively to the flexibility that this type of job requires and to the uncertainty they continually face in getting enough hours.

For this reason, many experienced workers leave certain sectors in a short time, leaving companies in a continuous search for suitable substitutes.

Working with a specialized training provider focused on this reality can help employers to quickly and efficiently train new employees to keep up with seasonal / one-off needs.

eFuturo Academy responds exactly to these challenges.