Erasmus+ Programme Courses

The eFuturo Academy offers different courses for both trainers and students participating in Erasmus+ mobility projects.

We offer professional courses, workshops and internships for young people and trainers from all over Europe. During the program, we take care of all the logistics from the arrival in Portugal, to accommodation during the stay, tours to get to know the city, and any eventual necessity the group might have.

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Behavioral Area Courses

Complaints management

Service of Excellence

Management of Time

Team Leadership and Management

Conflict Management and Interpersonal Relationships

Sales techniques
Cross / Up selling

Emotional Intelligence

Telephone Service Protocol

Protocol Techniques and Personal Image

Health Area Courses

Health Assistant

Home Support

Geriatric Assistant

Parapharmacy and Dietetics

Sustainability Area Courses

Careers in Greentech

Business Area Courses


Management Software

Language courses

English a1/a2 and b1/b2

Portuguese a1/a2

Wellness Area Courses

Beauty and SPA


Hospitality Area Courses

Kitchen helper

Reception/guest service

Restaurant and Bar

Shop Assistant


Outras Áreas

Auxiliar veterinário

Ass. Medicina Dentária

Education Area Courses

Technical Educational Action