Thinking Black and Betting on Equality

The eFuturo Academy – together with the other project partners and under the coordination of the IES Eduardo Primo de Carlet school, Spain – is creating a space dedicated to the activities of the Teatro Negro project.

01. How does the theater work?

The Black Theater is a type of scenic representation characterized by the use of the scenario in darkness or in the dark but with a strategic game of lights and shadows.

The format is distinguished from other types of theatrical performance. Black curtains, a dark-colored backdrop, black lanterns and phosphorescent costumes are used.

02. learn to play

So that it was possible to assemble the black theater at our school, we spent a few days in Carlet learning how to assemble the space and how to produce the pieces used in plays of this genre.

In addition, we also had the opportunity to see a presentation by the students of IES Eduardo Primo.

03. Playing the Theater

Upon returning to Lisbon, we implemented everything we learned in Carlet in our school.

We used one of our classrooms to transform it into a space for the black theater. Together with our students, we set up the space and created the materials that will be used in our play.

04. 1st rehearsal

We made the 1st presentation of the piece created together with our students. We will continue to rehearse until the day of the final performance in Carlet.

05. 2nd rehearsal

Our students had the opportunity to participate in a workshop to exchange good practices with students from the school coordinating the project.

Through a beautiful teamwork, they put together a small presentation in only 2 days!